Wazifa For Love Marriage

May ALLAH fulfill all your desires.  Our experienced astrologers present a very powerful WAZIFA for love marriage here.  Anyone with clean heart can perform this WAZIFA. They have to be continuous to do WAZIFA. Before doing this WAZIFA, I request you to execute a YAALLAH NIKAH ISTIKHARA then you are sacred from inside then can do YAALLAH WAZIFA.

Let me explain to you the way his must be performed.The time duration is Eleven days without any break. Make a ritual washing to be performed in preparation for prayer and worship. Repeat aloud from memory CHAPTER YASEEN SHARIF three times.


wazifa for love marriage to agree parents


Repeat YA ALLAHU YA FATTAHU 303 times.

Pray to Allah to solve your marriage problems.

Both of girl and boy have to do this on every Friday.

Start by repeating 10 times DUROOD SHARIF.

Pray 1001 times YA WADUDO.

Again, repeat 10 times DUROOD SHARIF.

Boy will repeat this WAZIFA for his parents and so the girl will do the same for her parents. After that, mix that salt in your parent’s food, keep your behavior polite to them. After some WAZIFA, you can ask politely to your parents’ permission for marriage INSHA ALLAH they will accept your proposal of marriage.